Employment & Substitutes

Job postings will be posted for 30 days, and automatically removed after that. If you wish to renew after that, please email: tyler.r.breneman@gmail.com. If you do not need it renewed, simply do not email us.

  • Re-Posted January 1: Organist/pianist, Calvary United Methodist Church, 2525 N Rock Rd. 30-rank Kilgen, Yamaha grand. Two Sunday services, midweek virtual taping, and midweek choir rehearsal. Please contact Shawn Chastain, (316) 519-8542 or (316) 652-9486.

Send information if you would like to be added to our substitute list.

  • Dakota Bennett: (316) 652-5620 or DakotaJamesBennett@gmail.com.
  • Marcia Hansen: Services, weddings, and funerals. (314) 974-5681 or MarciaLHansen1981@gmail.com.
  • Stephen Kucera: Sunday services, special services, liturgy. skkansas@gmail.com.
  • Nick Maples: (580) 491-3148 or nickmaples3@gmail.com.
  • Kent Nelson: (316) 775-3859 or kentnelson@comcast.net.
  • Amy Warner: Sunday services in McPherson. OrganistAmy@gmail.com