December Dean’s Update

Dear AGO Friends,

Kudos to Lynne Davis, Nick Maples, and David Perez for their video presentation and subsequent discussion for our November meeting. ZOOM presentations do have limitations, but I am grateful for the opportunity to refresh previously learned facts, obtain new knowledge, and discuss the information in a group format. Special thanks to Marlene Hallstrom for leading the November 14 meeting. The presentations are archived and available on our youtube channel.

I write this column the day before the beginning of the church year–the First Sunday of Advent. Do we need another time of waiting in 2020? Will Advent be less meaningful because of months of “endless waiting” for a vaccine, and a return to gatherings? I’ve grappled with these questions as I pull out Advent organ music and play through treasured favorites. Somehow, these pieces have the ability to calm my anxiety. I would suggest that all of us are “calm-bearers” through our playing and teaching–that gives me great hope.

I trust many of you are recording and submitting music for “The Twelve Days of Christmas Project.” What a wonderful gift to our community. A blessed Advent and Christmas season to all of you. May the music of the season bring healing to our spirits.


Annette Lindal

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