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POE Sponsorships

Pipe Organ Encounter 2023

Carole Pracht and Annette Lindal, POE Committee Chairs

Investment in the New Organist

Here are a few examples of ways to support the 2023 Wichita Pipe Organ Encounter.

Please consider how you can contribute to this important project.

Vision Makers ($500 or more)

+Support AGO student memberships

+Support an organ tour for POE students during the week

+ Help pay for facilities and performance venues

Dreamers ($250-$499)

+Support the cost of a concert

+Faculty travel expenses

+Faculty housing and meals

+Student transportation during the week.

(The faculty members donate their time and expertise in teaching and performing during the Pipe Organ Encounter.  Our chapter is responsible for their travel expenses, housing, and meals).

Encouragers ($100-$249)

+POE t-shirts for students, faculty and staff

+Chaperone housing

+One of the venues used during the week

Supporters ($25-$99)

+Student program books for the week

+Snacks for a day

+A recital reception

These are just some of the expenses our chapter will incur to host a Pipe Organ Encounter.  We will receive financial assistance from the national AGO, organ builders, some chapters in our region, individual AGO members, our chapter’s scholarship fund, one or more arts organizations, churches, and student registration fees.  Our chapter members donate many hours of their time and skills.  In addition, your contribution will help us end this project on or close to budget.

If you have questions, please contact Marlene Hallstrom, Dean, Wichita AGO. or 316-304-6089

Please make checks payable to Wichita Chapter American Guild of Organists and write POE in the memo.  Send to Wichita Chapter AGO, 2250 N. Rock Road, Suite 118-147, Wichita, KS 67226.

Include this form with your donation.  Thank you very much for supporting the Pipe Organ Encounter.

Your name ___________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

City_________________________ State _______________________Zip__________

Amount _______________________

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