Long Range Planning

The Long Range Planning committee was formed to help lead the chapter, allowing time to engage well-known performers and bring innovative ideas to the chapter. The committee works to create ideas and bring ideas from regional and national conventions, and the Chapter News section of the TAO.
   This year the committee is challenged with planning events during a pandemic that present a low-risk setting. And to find ways to engage the entire membership of the Wichita AGO that serves over 60 members, in addition to ways to support our Scholarship and Recital Funds.
   To do this, we need your help! Please assist us by submitting program ideas that you would like to see presented over the next five years. Be sure to note if the program is something you would like to lead. We would like to have ideas submitted by July 1. Emails should be directed to Christopher Shaw (shawcm82@gmail.com).

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