Pipe Organ Encounter 2015

Pipe Organ Encounter Excitement is Building! Excitement is building for the Wichita Chapter’s first ever Pipe Organ Encounter which will be held this coming June 14-19 at Wichita State University and around the Wichita area.  Participants will be housed in the new Shocker Hall on the WSU campus and will receive daily organ lessons, activities and classes about the pipe organ, daily recitals and much more.

The brochures have gone out, either by e-mail or regular post, so please be watching your inbox or mailbox for yours and share it with someone, age 13-18, who you think would benefit from this experience.  (Please note that there is a mistake on my e-mail address in the brochure.  It should be mhallstrom@cox.net.  If you share the brochure, please make the correction.)

Here is what you, as an AGO member or supporter of the organ, can do to help make this a successful event:

  • Tell everyone you know about the upcoming POE.  There is a great 10 minute video called “Close Encounters” at www.agohq.org/education/POEwhich is worth watching and sharing with others.
  • Volunteer to help during the week of our POE.  We will need monitors, food, errand runners, drivers, more food, office help, first aid, more food.  Please consider how you could help.
  • Donate to our chapter to support the POE.  Registration fees are reasonable, faculty and staff will donate their time, and some meals will also be donated, but we will still need financial support to make this event a success.  You will find a form in this newsletter which you may print out and mail with your donation to our treasurer Gary Huffman.  You may also share it with other fine arts supporters in our community.
  • And, finally, attend as much of the POE as you can.  There will be faculty recitals, a hymn festival, a concert on the Wurlitzer at Century II, a day trip to the Newton and Hesston areas and a closing student recital on Friday, June 19.

I hope you are excited now, too, This is a huge commitment for our chapter, and we need your support to make it a success!

Marlene Hallstrom
POE Committee Chair