Meet the Executive Committee: Jim Jones

Meet the Executive Committee: Jim Jones

Editor (E): What is your current position on the Executive Committee? And how many years have you served on the committee?
Jim Jones (J): Class of 2016. First year on the board.
E: Do you currently serve as an organist/music director in Wichita? If so, where and how long? And do you have any other jobs?
J: Director of Music at St Mary’s RC Cathedral.  34 years.E: What was your educational experience?
J: MM from SMU in Dallas.

E: In your current role on the board, what would you like to see the Chapter do this year?
J: I hope to see more people at AGO events.  Make the POE a success.

E: What is one of your best memories of a Wichita Chapter AGO event?
J: The regional convention in 2009 had several memorable concerts.