July Update

Do you really know how great the people are in the Wichita Chapter AGO? Two events happened in June, one personal and one chapter-related, that made me appreciate the chapter even more than I had before.

At the beginning of June I had neck surgery, giving me the opportunity to slow down for awhile and wear a neck brace for six weeks. Before, during, and after surgery, MANY people sent me emails, called, texted me, and offered me their prayers and support. Since I can’t drive with the brace, I’ve even had members volunteer to drive me places so I could participate in Chapter events. I’ve been overwhelmed by your support, support that you don’t just find in every group. This chapter is made up of some very special people that offer more than being colleagues. We become more of a family of musicians. More people need to be part of this great organization.

During my recovery I was able to step back from some of my Dean duties during a VERY busy time for the chapter. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with out Marlene Hallstrom and the POE Committee. This group pulled together a VERY fine week for the young organists in our community. Twenty-three students enjoyed great concerts, workshops, and time to meet new friends that also enjoy the pipe organ. (See the thank you note and letter from Marlene below). It was great to see so many people at the events, especially the ones I was able to get out to. We also welcome 13 new student members to our group. Let’s be sure we work together to nurture their growth and show them what we offer as an organization. Speaking of membership…

It’s membership renewal time! ONCARD has been sending out reminders for membership renewal. Getting this done is very important for the chapter as we build a budget for our upcoming program year. I renewed my own membership the other day, taking less than 10 minutes to be renewed and to rediscover functions of the system (like seeing who has renewed their membership!). Be sure to take advantage of this easy process as soon as possible.  Reminder that you do have the ability to print it out if you need to submit it through your church. If you need any help with renewal, be sure to contact Gary Huffman.  We can also do a printed registration process for those that prefer that option, so be sure to contact us if you need some help.

Introducing the 2015-16 Executive Board:
Christopher Shaw, Dean
Kathy Fehrmann, SubDean
Gary Huffman, Treasurer
Carolyn Chambers, Secretary
Nickolas Carlson, Class of 2016
Jim Jones, Class of 2016
Marlene Hallstrom, Class of 2017
Brett Valliant, Class of 2017
David Cason, Class of 2018
Carole Pracht, Class of 2018

I’m very excited to be working with this group of members as we approach the upcoming year and begin making plans for the next season. We will have a more formal installment of the board at our opening event. Stay tuned for details of the upcoming season and how you can be part of the events.

Christopher Shaw, Dean