Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2015, an exciting year for the Wichita Chapter AGO. Before we know it, we will be celebrating a successful POE and have another program year in the books. But, there are many events to take part in before we get there in this new year!

The first thing you will notice is a new newsletter. During the first few months of my new duties as Dean, I have have found that it is very challenging to organize our member’s email addresses and those that support our adventures. This new online service allows us to send many messages a month and allows people to easily subscribe to our newsletter. Not to mention we don’t have to send an email with everyone else’s email addresses! Any feedback is greatly appreciated as we move over to this new format.

Our first event of 2015 is the Epiphany Party on January 4th. Please plan to attend this afternoon workshop and potluck. We are pleased to welcome Barbara Adler, National AGO Treasurer/Councilor for Finance & Development. Barbara will inform us of how to set up endowment funds and also hold an open Q&A session. Be sure to RSVP to Pat Walcher by January 2nd!

Scholarship auditions are just around the corner. A reminder that this year we are using the scholarships to help students attend our POE in June 2015. Encourage our local young pianists to attend this great opportunity. Have your own students audition and apply for the POE, invite young pianists from your church, or maybe your own family members!

Help us to complete another successful program year by attending and supporting as many programs as you can in this new year. Try to welcome new members and guests at each event. Here’s to 2015 – Happy New Year!