April Update

March was a very busy month for our chapter. We sponsored a Regional Competition for Young Organists, held Scholarship Auditions for students interested in attending the POE, held a choral workshop on conducting and choral music, had board meetings, and POE planning meetings. We’ve been so busy that it seems like we’ve “marched” right through Lent as we are now journeying into Holy Week.

Here are five reminders a music colleague shared with me for us all to keep in mind as we put together worshipful services this week.

1. We will affect people in ways we will never know.
2. This is something we do together as a church.
3. Every technical detail – every rehearsal is a prayer.
4. Take time for silence.
5. Give thanks.

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I hope that each of you has a marvelous Passiontide-Easter and that you are able to join us for our upcoming events that are featured in this month’s newsletter. I encourage you to use the April 19th Member’s Recital as a way to celebrate the many great things our chapter is doing and an opportunity for each of you to invite guests to attend the recital and to grow our chapter.

– Christopher Shaw, dean