April Update

Happy April Fools! I thought I would try to come up with a catchy joke, but didn’t have any luck. Instead I was reminded of the picture that was shared with mea few weeks ago. Some of these stops might come in handy…

I want to remind you of two important things happening at the national level: elections and membership renewal.  The polls are now open for you to vote in the 2016 AGO national election for the officersand councillors of the 2016-2018 AGO National Council and for your Regional Councillor. You should have received an email with a link for you to vote online. As a member, voting is both a privilege and a responsibility of membership. It is also vital to our association’s future. Below is more information in regards to membership renewal. At the local level, we have increased the Chapter Friend amount to $25.00 (previously $20.00).

Our Wichita Chapter board has been reviewing and updating the chapter bylaws and operating procedures. The changes will include a position for the Past-Dean to remain on the board and one member at large for each of the three classes. This will reduce the size of the board from ten members to eight. Other changes update responsibilities for board members and standing committees. Feel free to visit with members of the board about these changes and other board actions.

This newsletter has lots of important information, so please take the time to read all of the details. I hope to see you at the organ crawl. Invite a guest and join us afterwards!

-Christopher Shaw, dean