Favorite Voluntaries

Favorite Voluntaries.
Nov. 19th, 7 PM, Bethel College Mennonite Church, 2600 College Ave., North Newton.

The Wichita and Hutchinson AGOS join to present Favorite Voluntaries. We encourage you to invite guests from outside of the chapter for this wonderful opportunity to share pieces that are accessible and useful in worship. Each person presenting will play one piece and two more suggestions. This may be the perfect opportunity to expand your music library!

DeAnn Diller from Senseney music will have a booth with music available for purchase. She can help you order or find just about anything you are looking for, including the pieces presented that evening!

We are looking at providing carpooling possibilities from Wichita, maybe from a couple of locations if possible. Contact Kathy Fehrmann if you’d be interested in carpooling. More details about this will come!

If you are interested in presenting, please contact the Dean. You do not have to present to attend this event. All ideas can still be shared with each other and the music performed by presenters will be enjoyable too!