AGO National Organ Pedagogy Conference at the University of Kansas

From October 18-21, 2017, the AGO National Organ Pedagogy Conference will be held at the University of Kansas. The title of the conference is “Organ and Improvisation Study in the French Conservatory System.” This event will bring together an unprecedented collection of world-renowned French organists and scholars to play, teach, and lecture at the University of Kansas.

Master classes in organ literature will all be taught simultaneously by two teachers: the master class schedule is as follows:

  1. French Classic: Michel Bouvard/ Olivier Latry
  2. German Baroque: Olivier Latry/Vincent Dubois
  3. French Symphonic: Michel Bouvard/Olivier Latry
  4. Modern French: Vincent Dubois/Michael Bouvard
  5. Improvisation: Philippe Lefebvre

Lectures and panel discussions include the following

  • “Lessons Learned from Our Teachers”
  • “The History of Organ Study in the Paris Conservatoire”
  • “Organ Study in the Regional Conservatory System”
  • “The Pedagogical Approach of Marie-Claire Alain”
  • “Improvisation Pedagogy”
  • “Teaching Technique”
  • “Our Approach to Teaching Organ and Improvisation”

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