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Sunflower Organ Initiative

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Click the logo above for the POPs for KIDs webpage, with photos, news, and the Online Teaching Program. A concert premier performance of the work commissioned in honor of POPs Director Emerita, Irene Shaw, is also available on the site.

Click the Sunflower Organ Initiative logo above for a description of the effort, begun in 2011, the 150th Anniversary year of Kansas Statehood.

The Dean's Message

By Christopher Shaw

The past several years on the Executive Committee has introduced me to some wonderful people – the Wichita Chapter AGO. I’ve been able to be premiere a work to honor Irene Shaw, help plan many events, and collaborate with other members to create the 2014-15 Program Year as I began this term as the Sub-Dean. I spent many hours with Debbie Lynch and Carrol Hassman to create a calendar of events that I’m very excited about, and now I have the opportunity to lead us through!

I’m excited for David and Debbie Lynch as they begin to serve the Village of Loch Lloyd, Missouri. I want to thank Debbie for her leadership, though it may be the shortest term as Dean on record, and support as I have worked on the program year and now as I’ve switched to the role as Dean. The Executive Committee has showed great support as we make this transition and rearrange responsibilities.

Over the next year, I encourage you to continue to share you support of the Wichita Chapter AGO by attending events and inviting friends to come with you. This will be a great year to celebrate our many talents through our chapter events and our Wichita Chapter Pipe Organ Encounter in 2015! 

60th Anniversary Picnic & Annual Meeting on June 6

Special thanks to Irene & Ken Shaw for hosting our Picnic and Annual Meeting on Friday, June 6. Their home is always a lovely place to meet, and it was particularly festive this year.   With a great party cake and party decorations incorporating the number 60, our anniversary celebration was a real happening!   The proverbial "good time was had by all"! Thanks to Carolyn Chambers for her photos, including the cake shown here. For the others (on our Facebook page), click  HERE.

Chapter Scrapbooks on Display ~ Stories of a Founding Member

Because of our May 6 scrap-booking meeting, and those who had put together earlier books, we were able to display a good group of books representing chapter history for our 60th Anniversary Celebration. Ruth Sheer - one of our two remaining founding members and historian for a number of years - was also on hand with some stories of the early days of the Chapter.   

AGO Membership:  Choose your Category and Join Us!

It's almost time to get your dues in for the 2014-15 season.  This year we'll be using the new OnCard system online for the first time. (If you need help, call Gary Huffman at the number below.)   We're always looking for new members in all categories. For information on membership levels, click (HERE). 

The dues form is available as a PDF file on this page, at the upper left. Our Registrar Gary Huffman can also send a copy. To e-mail him, click (HERE), or call him at 316-685-6396.   

Become a member now, and help us grow the Chapter, as we....

Questions, Comments or Concerns?  E-mail them to the webmaster at: