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 Click the POPs logo above for the POPs for KIDs webpage, with pictures, the latest news, and the new Online Teaching Program.   A concert premier performance of the work commissioned in honor of POPs Director Emerita, Irene Shaw, is also available there.


Click the Sunflower Organ Initiative logo above for
a description of the effort, begun in 2011, the 150th Anniversary year of Kansas Statehood.


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                             Join us for our April 26 field trip
                               to Norman and Oklahoma City

We’ll leave from Wichita at 8:30 am and meet for lunch in Norman near the University.   Then we’ll see the instruments in the organ department at OU (including the Mildred Andrews Boggess Memorial Organ, a 1999 tracker, opus 111 of C.B. Fisk), followed by a tour of the new American Organ Institute there (AOI).   The AOI now has two municipal organs built by M.P. Möller, as well as the M.P. Möller master rolls and perforator for the company’s player organs.   (In 2013, AOI received a grant from the Grammy Foundation for preservation of the rolls and machine.)   

Headed back to Wichita, we will visit the carillon at  St. Luke’s UMC, OK City, and attend a 5 pm service at the Episcopal Cathedral there.   [Both these OK City stops are just barely out of our way.]   After a quick supper together, we’ll head on home.  

If you can drive, or want to ride with us, call Carrol Hassman at 316-264-8756 about transportation arrangements.

                                                         March 30

The Sunflower Organ Initiative was at it again, sponsoring yet another "Family Pipe Organ Tour," this time in Great Bend.   It netted a great article in the Hutchinson News;  and we had around 25 people attend — with at least one prospective young organist, age 10, who discussed with us where she could go for organ lessons!   Thanks to host churches and to demonstrators Kathy Fehrmann, Nylas Moser, and  Carrol Hassman.  

                                                           March 9

Young organist Wyatt Smith is one of the upcoming talents of our AGO Region VI.   His recital here at Holy Cross was a fine success, with over 60 in the audience (on a Shocker game day).   Those folk were also very generous with donations at the door, so we'll have to dip only a bit into our new Recital Fund to cover expenses.

Special thanks to Ken and Irene Shaw, who provided both room and board for Wyatt while he prepared the recital -- "board" not a small thing for a growing boy!   Thanks also to Holy Cross, and particularly to Dennis Ross, who handled the cameras and monitors so we could see Wyatt as he played in the gallery.   Kudos, kudos, kudos!

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